peace love acunta
I owned when acacia will start to fade out of popularity

Bitch be GOnE

How did acacia come up with her name. Like its a tree

??? Her parents named her lol

Do think acacia goes on hate blogs? Like say this one. I hope she does, might open her eyes a bit

I really think she does, because it’s like oh that will make them hate me more let ME GO AND DO/SAY/LIKE THAT

I really hated acacia when she meowed and her life was basically Taco Bell and selfies and boys. Gag.

sounds like most teenage girls tbh

I can't find the right words to describe acacias nose, like it isn't bad but it's so weird

without her nose being that way she wouldn’t be pretty doe 

I kinda want acacia to shave half of her head off and then regret it and never go on her social medias until it all grows back and she'll just hide in her closet for months....

she should just turn into a moth and go awey for a lil bit

I have this rare of acacia and she's wearing this teddy bear shirt and whenever I'm sad I'll think of the teddy bear shirt is that weird?

eh idk 

if it makes u happy again then it’s ok

bc u no sad no more u feel me?

I wish acacia would change her style again, this gamer poser one is really annoying me

just wait 

Do you think her brother can act well?

haven’t seen the show he’s on but all I know is that he sings/acts better than she does

I feel like a sack of potato poop

send me asks if u want