peace love acunta
acacias new video was just an excuse for her to talk about herself lmao

she just wanted to show off her ‘new’ music taste and tattoo 

same person who told about her facebook. it used to be Bryn Vanatti but she changed it. her url used to be something like acaciaclark730 so that was a dead giveaway haha

yeah there’s alot of fakes of her on facebook 

I love food so much 

it’s ma life

Ehats this thing about about wednesday like dhe posts selfies and just write 'i am wednesday' i mean what the hell doe sit mean?

it means Wednesday from the Addams family

she wears all black 

acacia's videos are pointless but i'm thankful she didn't use her fake accent voice like she did in the twenty facts video haha

she tried in the beginning but her man voice came back towards the middle 

At the begging on every video of Acacias she always just stares at herself for the first minutes (oh and BTW she posted a new video)

her video was actually good except for the stupid part of her showing off her fake tattoo and staring at herself 

in the Facebook you have of acacia she is like popular or gets tons of likes? how is she? how does she acts like annoying?

her REAL facebook is private 

i once saw acacia commented on a guy post long ago her fb was Bryn Vanatti, if it is that one can u make a post that says "yes" and just that? lmao sorry this is probably annoying it's ok if u don't reply

it’s fake 

acacia used to live in my town ((she still might but idk now that she lives on her own even tho shes 16??)) and she used to go to the mall and people would give her shit. maybe 1/2 people ((The 12yr olds)) would ask her for pictures and one time my friend went up to her for a pic and after she took it she called her a whore and acacia pretty much never went to the mall for a long time after that

she doesn’t live on her own

I wonder if Acacia has sent anyone nudes lately because Keaton Stromberg made a tweet with the hashtag #NationalSendYourManNudesDay